What’s inside the Wanurejo village, you will be amazed!

Speaking up about Wanurejo village, it actually comes from the word Sanskrit that means prosperous village. This village that also called as cultural and education village, has many beautiful things to enjoy. The stunning green rice field and the classical nuance of it, will amazed and surprise you anytime you visit. Located approximately 1,5 km from Borobudur, this village is near from the Merapi Volcano. No wonder, every morning comes, the beauty and its greatest are always clearly shown up and can be seen from Wanurejo.

Based on its history, this village was found by Kyai Wanu. The village was surrounded by the Islam’s history and culture. Back in time, the Dutch colonial gladly visited this village every day. It became the first-must-visit-village at that time. They also took over the government and managed the village.

The natural beauty of this village is completely amazing. One of some interesting facts about this village is it is separated by the river that flows from the mountain. It enhances the beauty that this village has offered to you. In addition, every morning you can see some horses that go around to help the local people activities. The clean and natural rural atmosphere will make you comfortable and want to stay longer.

In keeping the continuity of its tradition as well as attracting the tourist to visit this village, there is an annual cultural event which is held in Wanurejo village. It is called as Memedi festival. The meaning of ‘Memedi’ itself is a doll made from rice straw which is functioned by the farmer as the tool to shoo the birds in their rice field. What makes this festival attractive is it allows the local people to creatively make their own Memedi. Thus, you will get to know many unique kind of Memedi made by the local people.

To give the best accommodation for the visitors, the tourists can get around the village by renting the bicycle, and also, they can use the public facilities such as hotels, homestays, renting transportation, restaurant, and entertainment like music and traditional performance every night. The restaurant will spoil you with both local and Indonesian dishes, therefore, you can feel the impressive stay in this Wonorejo village.

While you are deciding to explore the village, don’t forget to pack your camera to physically create your journey in this village. Enjoying the rural nuances and meet the friendly local will give you other good impression in your holiday. During the night, as previously stated, there is a traditional performance that shows you the traditional culture of Wonorejo village. It can enrich your horizon about the place (Wonorejo) you have already visited. The performance starts from 7 pm to 9 pm.

How to go there:
This village is located near Borobudur, you can go by motorbike or maybe take mini bus from Borobudur complex that go directly to the village. Normally, the Borobudur will offer one pack tour to visit the village.

Best time to go:
Best time to go to the village is on November when the Memedi festival will be held, and it will be great to visit during the dry season. When the day is sunny, you will witness the beautiful sky up from the village. Yet, it does not mean that during the rainy season is not recommended time to go. You can also visit the village when the rain season, because they provide the comfortable homestay that really worth and cozy to be your choice.

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