Watching Traditional Show from Aksobya, Back To the Ancient Time of Buddhism

It will be nice to see and watch the story or legend that happened million years ago. Imagine you can go back to the ancient time, and visible to see every antique culture. Need to dream about it? Make your dream come true. Inside the Borobudur temple there is a show any kind of drama, dance from the story of as gamelan. This show tells about the story of Borobudur for ancient time, the first time Borobudur was time, the conservation until the moment when Borobudur was rebuilt. The sounds of gamelan from Java will welcome you to enjoy every moment of the history of the Borobudur. The shows also has the traditional dancing that the gesture represents of the three part of life, first called Kamadhatu, Rupadhatu, Aruphadatu, the dance tells about unlucky human that do sin the rest of their life. Then, there will be one main actor Rakai Panangkaran that will ask people to do good thing and spread the kindness and Rakai Panangkaran asks those people to build a budha temple as Punden Berundak. Following the plan to build the temple, it represents also the high and down of life of the people in the process of building the temple. In another hand, the king refuses to give up, and continue to build the temple till it comes the time Borobudur nestles and bless every people.

How to get inside the show:
To get inside the show, you must buy the ticket from the ticket box before entering the Borobudur temple, as the show begin normally at 7pm, you can go buy directly to the shows and buy it directly there. In another suggestion, you must be come earlier in case you run out the ticket. It is available for three class seat; from the cheapest one is student class, Festival class, Gold class, and Platinum class.

When to go there:
The show officially is held at the night, and in the outdoor area, with the summer breeze on summer time.

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