Getting Closer with Nature and Exploring the Buddhist Nuance of Borobudur in Camping Area near Temple

For everyone who loves to do outdoor activity, camping is the one most activity that always be the first to do when it comes to the holiday or doing another spare time. We kindly present the area camp near from Borobudur. Located near from Borobudur, this area is well attached with the sacred nuance of the Buddhist. Build your tent and enjoy the sunset every time the sun goes down, and also enjoy the sunrise every morning. Impress yourself by the mixing of nature’s beauty. The blue sky, the green grass and the fresh air will accompany you during your day.

The camp ground around Borobudur temple is simply interesting place to do camping, with the magnified scenery surrounded by pine tree and other plantation. You can also do some sport activity around the camping, such as jogging, tennis and many more.

When it comes in the morning time, the area will be foggy and freshly cool, this camping ground is really suitable for the group or individual, normally people do camping in this area is come along together with some groups.

In some cases, this ground camping is also available for music event, concert and another dance traditional, or Buddhist event.

How to get there:
To get to the camping area, you should go to the main ticket area entrance in Borobudur, and you can ask to book the camping ground. After that, you can just arrange your activity there.

For everyone who love outdoor activity and also into the nature with Buddhist nuance, this camping ground inside the Borobudur will be your first choice to make it comes true.

Borobudur always welcomes you and offers you many facilities.

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