The Best Place to Enjoy the Sunrise in Central Java, Only In Punthuk Setumbu Hill

One of the most magnitudes of Borobudur temple can be seen from the up of the hill. Hill Punthuk Setumbu will be your best spot to have during your trip in Magelang, it’s not only to watch the nature nuance, but also you can enjoy the tranquillity of the foggy morning with the best scenery of Borobudur. Everybody will be so glad to watch the sunrise over from the top of the hill. Located only 30 minutes from the Borobudur, you will never regret to hike the hill.

Surrounding with the cold and fresh air, this moment will get well mix with the morning scenery. A cup of a tea, short conversation with another visitors will be your great company while waiting for the sunrise. From above the hill, you will see the splendid magnificent great Borobudur, which is surrounded with the forest. Take your camera, and keep it for your sweet memories.

Besides from its beauty and the greatness, the hill also has some rules to obey during your stay. In any other situation, there will be many warning board to not to step in the Pusar Punthuk Setumbu.

Wondering what is Pusar Punthuk Setumbu is? Pusar Punthuk Setumbu is part of the highest land from the hill, marked with the pine trees around. Legend explains that Pusar Punthuk is the main thing of the hill, which is all of the blessing come from it. So, as a sacred thing, you won’t be allowed to step on it. As local people believe, if you step the land on purpose, the bad things will come over you.

It's a captivating view from Punthuk Setumbu hill, Magelang, Central Java. It will be a foggy morning and the sky was so cloudy. If the sky is clear, you can see Mount Merapi in the distance. Nonetheless, you will be fortunate enough to see silhouette of the famous Borobudur Temple. Can you find it? Amazing!...

How to get there
Punthuk Setumbu is the name of a hill which is located about 3 km west of Borobudur Temple. It is located in Karangrejo village, Magelang.
From the Borobudur temple, you can go straight to the destination of Manohara Hotel, then you continue the street till reaching up Menoreh hill. Not far from that, there will be a signed written as Borobudur Nirvana Sunrise. Then, you can go straight to that direction. Then you can find that the hill not that far from there.

Best time to go
Do not miss the sunrise, you have to reach the hill before 5 am. After that you can go to the hill and reach the hill at 5.30 am. At that time, the silhouette will be clearly seen. It would be nice moment if you visit the hill at the dry and sunny season, because when it rains, it’s time to forget the sunrise.

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