Feel the Breeze of Magelang, While Enjoying Your Lunch from Dagi Hill

Do you decide to watch the sunrise and Borobudur in the morning? Dagi hill will be your right place to visit to enjoy the sunrise. Dagi hill is located on the 300 meters west side of Borobudur. Up on the hill, there is a restaurant that will offer you with delicious food, and beverage. This hill was opened in 1994. Along the way to reach the top, you will see many high and big pine tree beside the route, if you are lucky, you can also meet the local animals as a deer, bird, and many more.

Not far away from the hill, there is one hot spring water that made from the stone. Don’t forget to bring your camera to memorize the scenery and the nuance as a souvenir. The Borobudur lies in the east, and you will mist of the tropical forest at sunrise.

How to get there
To go the Dagi hill you can buy the ticket from Borobudur ticket box, after we have to climb up the stairs with 204 steps. A small road winds up from the back to bring guests up to the scenic outpost by car. There are some benches on the clearing, and enjoy very atmospheric hot coffee or tea in the morning.

When to get there
The Dagi hill is opened from 6am to 5 pm, big suggestion; you can go there in summer time, because you will enjoy the Dagi hill scenery with outdoor surroundings.

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