Planning To Go For Walk in Borobudur Area? Try To Take Tram Instead Of Walking

The beautiful and great temple of Borobudur is really worth to visit. The area is huge with long sidewalk to facilitate the visitors to go around the temple. For everyone who is capable to walk along the temple, it must be the great and exciting route to reach the temple, but for everyone who isn’t capable to walk along the temple, or maybe for the oldster people that easy to get exhausted, this tram will be the best solution to get around to the temple. This tram will take you right in front of the Borobudur gates, besides the tram will take the visitors till to the last destination of shopping centre. Along the route inside the Borobudur temple, the visitors can see many green beautiful park, and big park that surround the temple. A couple metres from the temple, you can visit two museums that free to enter with the Borobudur temple.

Another viewed inside Borobudur temple, you can see the magnificent Viewed from above, and you can take picture of all the Borobudur the form of a giant mandala, symbolically depicting the path of the bodhisattva from samsara to nirvana, through the story of Sudhana described in the Gandavyuha Sutra, a part of the Avatamsaka Sutra. In total, this massive monument contains over 2 million stone blocks. Don’t waste your time to plan your trip to Borobudur, just book your ticket, and go visit Borobudur, and enjoy its beauty.

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