Getting to Know Indonesia’s Historical Iconic Temple? Take a Look on Prambanan Temple

Prambanan Temple is the temple that is stunning for both its grand scale and incredible details. This temple is understandably high on the list for many travellers. Get to know a little about the history, meaning and features of its most iconic temple in Indonesia. Then start planning to visit. Prambanan temple was built by Rakai Pikatan, he was part of the Syailendra kingdom, of the tenth century. This temple is the highly representation to present the Hindu faith and the abode of ancient gods.

The real name of this temple before, was coming from Sanskrit, pronounce as SIWAGRHA or another said as Home of Siva. The Gods of Hindu are well represented by 3 main part of the biggest temple in the temple’s area. Those three big temples are presented to Brahmana, Shiva, and Vishnu, yet Shiva is the biggest one from both.

The Shiva temple is on the centre, and the biggest one among the other temples. This temple also has four a small cella, including the statue of Agastya who is known as an incarnation of Shiva, and the west side is occupied by Ganesh the head of elephant as well known as the son of Shiva.

The Brahmana temple and the Vishnu Temple, both of those temples are dedicated to Brahma and Vishnu; those temples also have each cella that occupied with the Gods statue. 
The other three temples right in front of the main three temples are called Vahana temples. The Bull statue known as Nandi for Shiva, The Swan for Brahma, and Garuda for Vishnu.

Prambanan is also famous for having more than 1000 stories that carved into its walls. Each of them is unique and has its own stories. One of the most famous Hindu’s stories is Ramayana. 
You can also find the exotic nuance of Prambanan, once you enter the temple area, you will undoubtedly hear the traditional Java music as Gamelan, which is well mixed with the nuance of Hindu.

Exploring Prambanan Temple
Being well located near from the main city of Yogyakarta, Prambanan temple has its own advantages; it’s easier for tourist to reach the Prambanan because of the short distance between Yogyakarta and Prambanan. In addition, this temple is also well mentioned to be part of UNESCO world’s heritage that makes this temple is well known over international tourism world.

Everyday inside the temple area, there will be one traditional mini train, to take you around the temple. There will be also traditional dance that normally shows about Ramayana story, that is located outside the temple area (include one ticket of entering Prambanan temple). There are also many shopping centres to buy some souvenirs with lowest price.

When it comes to the sunset, which one served as a splendid pleasure of sunset’s lights and unique nuance, you should not miss the moment. Get your camera and take a beautiful memory of Prambanan temple. If you are lucky, after the sunset, you will have beautiful nice traditional dance right in front of Shiva temple.

As the temple of Hindu represents a sacred religious to gods, visitors are asked to dress very modestly. It won’t be possible for the visitors to get in the temple without wearing Sarong (a traditional large tube to cover the waist) but the visitors will get it free before entering the temple, normally there will be some guide to give the sarong.

Are you interested in Prambanan’s history? Don’t hesitate to ask the tourist guide that will be available anytime to tell you everything about the temple.

Nestled beside another interesting place inside of Prambanan complex, you can also visit another famous temple which is normally included on the same ticket. Including Lumbung temple, Bubrah Temple, and Plaosan temple.

When to Go?
Best time to go: It is possible to visit Prambanan temple at any time of year, but summer season will be the best. From June to September, when the weather is dry, although it’s still hot for most. The best moment to watch beautiful sky between temples is sunset.

You will need plenty of time to take it all in. Plan at least three hours to explore the whole complex of the temple, but more like half a day if you want to explore every temple in Prambanan.

Opening Hours: 
Prambanan opens at 6 am, and close at 6 pm. For visitors who want to see the sunset, this closed time will be very worth to wait.

Where to stay: 
Yogyakarta city is just 3 km from Prambanan temple. The city offers everything for accommodation and restaurant, but if you want to take the nearest one from prambanan, you can get from lower cost hotels that will be available right outside the complex of the temple.

Here, some lists you can book for hotels:

  1. Hotel Galuh Prambanan
  2. Hotel Jaya Kusuma
  3. Hotel Candi View

How to get there: 
You can rent a motorbike from Yogyakarta city that will cost each day. But if you want to get the bus and enjoy getting around with the local people, you can take a 1A Bus; catch it on bus stop in Malioboro. It will take approximately an hour from Malioboro to the temple. Along the way you will pass some interesting places such as Vredeburg fort, State Palace, and other buildings of the Indische heritage. If you are somewhere around Adisutjipto Airport, you can go directly stop a bus the same number of 1A to Prambanan temple. It takes about 15 minutes from the airport, it’s the nearest distance.

Interesting Place near Prambanan Temple:

  1. Ratu Boko temple
  2. Bubrah temple
  3. Lumbung temple
  4. Sojiwan temple
  5. Kalasan Temple

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