Enriching Holiday in Klipoh Village

Klipoh village, a tourism and cultural village that presents the richness of the Central Java and Magelang. Located approximately 3,5 km from Borobudur temple, this village is well nestled on beautiful surrounding and magnificent nature. Klipoh village becomes one of the evidences which shows us the beauty nature of Central Java. Enjoying the green rice field and the fresh air are really worth for unwinding the stress from the busy work days. Take your family to enjoy the nature, the art, and other spaces of this village.

Well-known as the place where production of gerabah (traditional art made from soil) takes place, Klipoh village contributes to produces Indonesia’s handicraft. Most of the handicraft are the kitchen equipment like spoon and plate. Making handicraft is the local major business since long time ago. They produce gerabah for both domestic and international market. It helps the economy of local as well as the region.

Once you are staying in this village, you probably want to stay longer due to the uniqueness of this village. The rural atmosphere that will refresh your mind by exploring the greeny rice field, the stunning blue sky, the amiable local people, and the combination of those nuance, will create another unforgettable holiday you have ever had. The other picturesque view you can witness is the mountain view near this village. Moreover, having a chance to peacefully adore the sunrise during the foggy morning may be one of the special mornings of yours. Going around the village by riding bicycle is also one of the recommended activity to be tried. Or you may want to ride ‘andong’, a traditional chart pulled by horses. That can be a novel experience during your holiday.

Another facility that you can have in the village is, you can take a class to make Gerabah. The class is normally occupied by the tourist and the visitors, and the local people as the teacher. The class will be held approximately one hour. During the class, you will be taught how to make Gerabah, how to put the soil, how to prepare the materials before making it, and another process to make it. The teacher will be glad to help and guide you to make your own gerabah.

Other than gerabah, Klipoh village is also famous with its art. They have a gallery to keep the local art and is open for those who would like to know more about their culture and history. Inside the gallery, you can find the traditional art, paintings, and of course gerabah. The visitors are free to visit and explore the gallery. Hence, it becomes the enriching trip for the visitors.

As the tourism village, the appropriate standards facilities to facilitate and to indulge the visitor are provided. There are restaurant, parking area, sites to visit, and also home stays. Either you want to rejoice with the local by staying in their house or rent a room in a home stay, you will be welcomed here. You can taste the traditional menus of Java. More specially it is served in gerabah instead of plate.

How to get there :
If you prefer to catch bus, you can go to the bus station giwangan first, in Jogjyakarta, or another bus station as known as Jombor. After arriving in Magelang bus station, you can go by Ojek. If you prefer to go with the motor bike or private car, you can go directly to the main street of Raya Magelang, and then continue to the Plataran, and you will see the direction written of Klipoh village.

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