Travelling while Learning, Ngargogando Village will be The Choice

Ngargogando village is an education village which enables the visitors to learn English. It is located in Ngargogondo, Borobudur, Magelang. Many students from across Indonesia come to this village to learn not only English, but also the culture. This would be a good recommendation for you to bring your family to visit this village and get an enriching holiday.

This village is also supported by many educational and cultural institutes. For those who would like to make their English better, the classes are available for any ages, start from the lowest level till the advance one.

As an educational village and tourism, Ngargogando village also offers you an accommodation to stay. Either you want to stay in a homestay or you can stay in the local people houses. They provide you a package which includes daily meal and the English class admission.

The teaching-learning process in this village is actually very fun because they tend to bring the student to go outside and enjoy the natural atmosphere instead of staying all day long in the class. The students will be taken to the outdoor and doing outdoor activities while learning some new words and new vocabulary. The classes also provide with monthly activities, such as camping and visiting the other Javanesse heritage. The camp is normally held in the Borobudur camping area for one day or maybe two days. This activity will help students to practice their English directly with any tourists who come to visit Borobudur.

In addition, this village is also well known as a gallery of the language. It exhibits some painting and art made by the students. The students that make handicraft and art, always put their handicraft in the gallery. They are taking full responsibility to the gallery. Every weekend, they open the gallery to show what they have done to the visitors in order to inform the visitors about what this village can offer. Thus, besides doing their fun-learning-activity, they also contribute to introduce this village.

Located only few kilometers from Borobudur temple, this village is located near from the pine forest and the green rice field. The natural beauty is a perfect combination for learning while travelling. Across the village, you can see the long rice field that nestled in the corner of the village. The river clearly and freshly flows to give you another peaceful nuance during your stay.
Furthermore, you can witness both the sunrise and the sunset that stunningly beautiful.

How to get there
The location is actually easy to reach. To get to this village, you can take the direction from Borobudur route until you find the Kalangan route. Then you can continue with ojek to the route of Candirejo. After reaching there, you have to find the village that written as Kedai 3 Bahasa. If you want to catch bus from the Yogyakarta, you can go to Giwangan bus station and take the direction to Borobudur temple and Raya Magelang route, then you can continue with ojek. You can go directly to the place by bus.

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