Get Your Adrenalin Back in Progo River, and Feel Your Heart Beat on the Rafting Boat

What’s more interesting than water sport? Many, but yes definitely water sport is such an interesting yet exciting experience to be done during the holiday. Rafting, perhaps, become one of the alternatives that comes to your mind. Located at Komplek Hotel Puro Asri, Cempaka No. 9 street, North Jurangombo, Magelang, Central Java, there is a big river surrounded by the greeny atmosphere from the forest. The natural resources with its beauty enable this spot to be turned as interesting public tourism which attracts the tourists to visit and to explore. The river flows from Sumbing mountain to Progo. It is divided into 3 small rivers including Krasak river, Krasak elo, Kuas river.

Exploring the river is such a wonderful way to get in touch with nature, as well as to discover some beautiful panoramas, five waterfalls, a historical bridge, and a great view over the Menoreh Mountains. During the exploration, you can catch up the horses that feeding across the river and the daily activity of local people as a fisherman.

This river is ideal for rafting because it has a stable stream. It is a grade three in terms of difficulty level to cross long and challenging river rapids. Progo rafting is well certificated and the equipment is guaranteed with the standard international with professional guide and international technology. So you will be secure to roam along the river. Besides, in every corner of the river, the survival team are always ready to keep you safe, thus you don’t have to be afraid and happily enjoy the trip. You can book the rafting a week before you enjoy and explore the river. The booking process normally go first to the internet and online, or maybe from the booking agency in Yogyakarta.

The best time to go to the Progo river is when in the middle of the season between summer and raining season. Because when it is time to the summer season, the river normally will dry then that condition will be difficult to roam, and impossible to do rafting when the river dried. But it comes to the raining season, there will be huge flow that may be dangerous to roam. Between September and October will be your best time and season to do rafting.

How to go there:
To reach the river, you cannot take a bus. You have to take your personal car or rental it or motorbike. As the matter of fact that the location is near Yogyakarta, you can start your journey from Yogyakarta and then you can continue to the Nanggulan regency. From there, you can continue to jalan Sentolo Nanggulan. Right on the Sentolo street, you will see many people that offer you to the base camp of Rafting Progo, and fortunately it is easy to find. Moreover, on the way to Progo river, you will be spoiled with the great panorama of the river, mountain, and the rice field. Your trip in Central Java will be more suspicious if you try to feel the sensation of Progo river. The rafting is so challenging. Besides, this location is approximately 20 minutes from Borobudur temple, and 50 minutes away from Jogjakarta. So, you can enjoy to go to the river and visit the nearest place.

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