Get The Vibe of Candirejo Village and Rejoice with The Local

Are you a city person and need some open spaces to put off your daily stressful activities? Here you can come and join to Candirejo village. The natural place that located 2,5 km from Borobudur temple. You can witness the beautiful and natural village. This village is part of the main public village that worth to visit. The village before was a normal village, as the beauty got exposed, the government decided to make this village become the main tourism place for tourist. By visiting this village, you can also learn how the traditional activity in the village such as how the local people farm and go to the rice field and how the local people work with the daily activity. All the activities in the village will be your worth to enjoy and learn. There are 3 main part of the village, first part is the cultural village, Agrowisata village, and nature village.

The symbol of the village is the bamboos, almost every corner in the village are surrounding with bamboos. Local people normally use bamboo to make kitchen stuff. They also sell the bamboo to be the main commodity such as a home furniture, chair, table, and many more. As the matter of fact, the production of bamboo to be a commodity has been done there since the Dutch colonial. Hence, the bamboo production can be said as the major income in this village for its local people.

Near from the village, you can get around and watch the activity of the farmer. They also work as a farmer, every morning the village always full of the farmer that work. If you are lucky, you can try to help them, and they will be so glad to show you how to work. Tourists who visit the village are usually attracted to the natural and the uniqueness of the village. They are really interested in the traditional activity in the village. When the night come, there is one traditional show that held in the village. The local people show the traditional dance of Javanesse, the theater, and traditional music show. The show normally will be held for two hours. It starts from 7 pm to 9 pm. Don’t worry, it’s free. The local, try to attract the tourists and visitors by showing the traditional show, moreover the visitors won’t get easily bored of the village. Furthermore, you are also able to learn how to make bamboo product. If you need guidance to help you during your stay, there will be available information right in the center of the village. Do come and visit the village and share your happiness with the local.

How to get there :
Candirejo Village can be reached from three big cities: Semarang, Solo, and Yogyakarta. When you are coming from Ahmad Yani Airport, Semarang, you can use taxi to reach Candirejo. If you opt bus as your choice, you can use Semarang-Magelang bus. Then from Magelang to Candirejo village, the public transportation is ready to escort you right in front of Candirejo.

The other direction you can opt is either from Adi Sumarmo airport or Tirtonadi bus station. From airport, you can use taxi. If you choose to go by bus, choose the bus which heads to Umbulharjo which will escort you to Borobudur bus station. Then you can use the public transportation like “andong” to Candirejo village. From Yogyakarta, you can start either from Adi Sutjipto airport and use taxi or by bus which head to Umbulharjo bus station to Borobudur bus station. Then you can other public transportation.

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