Enjoy the Stunning Sunrise from the Purwosari Hill

Purwosari Hill is part of the interesting place must visit in Magelang and Borobudur area. Other tips to visit to enjoy the sunrise besides another hill, this Purwosari Hill can be the exact hill to visit. The area is huge and width with the foggy nuance and big plant trees across the hill. The government before didn’t realize that the Purwosari hill would be as famous as Borobudur, so that, right now on, this Purwosari hill is opened as a public tourism.

Purwosari hill before, was named as Cemuri mas, but after it become famous, the people change it as Purwosari hill. This spot of sunrise become the good one over another hill, from this spot you can see the whole top of the Borobudur temple from the other side. The route to reach the hill is easier than other hills; it will take 15 minutes to hike with the low ascent, so this hill will be high recommended for any ages of the people.

To enjoy the sunrise, you just have to prepare yourself with the warm clothes due to the lowest temperature. Also don’t forget to bring your camera, and video recorder to keep the beautiful scenery during the sunrise. Up of the hill you can also enjoy the tea and a cup of coffee to be your sweetest company during the sunrise. You will never regret to go to this hill.

How to go there:
You can reach the hill by passing the route from Punthuk Setumbu hill, or another route from Gereja Ayam. If you want to go by catching a bus, you can pass the same way to go to Punthuk Setumbu (by passing the main road as Jalan Raya Borobudur Salaman).

The best thing to go
Try to come earlier before the sunrise. You will take approximately 15 minutes to hike the hill, but you have to fill the guest book before entering the hill complex. Don’t forget to bring your flash light to help you hike the hill.

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