Love Hiking as Much? Spend Your Holiday by Hiking to The Andong Mountain

Are you a hiker? Or want to start to be the one? Want to spend your holiday to hike an easy access mountain? Here we recommend you the Andong Mountain, the mountain that located in Unggaran, Merapi, and Telomoyo.

This mountain has its height approximately 1.726 meters, according to the number of the height, this mountain isn't really high, that is the reason why this mountain is easy to hike. Many beginner hikers are eager to experience hiking starting from this mountain due to its easy track to hike. Besides that, this mountain has really beautiful scenery and view. From the top the mountain, we can see the other high mountains such as Mt. Merapi, Mt. Ungaran, and Mt. Telomoyo. Andong mountain is exactly located in Ngablak regency. People call this mountain as Andong Mountain due to its shape which similar to the back of cow in which it is used as the traditional transportation called andong.

Talking about myth, everything in Indonesia is always about the myth, comparing with the other mountains as Merbabu and Merapi, this mountain has its own magic. In the Girirejo village where this mountain takes place, there is a traditional ceremony for the greatest of life that offers to God a sacrifice, in the form of a chicken or cow. This ceremony represents the greatness of God that always gives blessing to the human being.

As Andong mountain is always be the preferred mountain to hike for hikers, you will see how load and full the parking area is. Perhaps, that is because many people decide to hike with the easiest way. Before reaching the mountain, you better take a rest to the basecamp. You are able to have a nice conversation with the other hikers.

After you get ready, it's time to go with the route. The interesting one from the Andong Mountain is before entering the main gate, we will get free map to hike. This map will help us during the hiking.
What to prepare during your day is, gloves, a tent, and a light. You can also buy some snacks and food. There is one mini supermarket or “warung” that sells snacks.

From the map, we can see many posts and base camps, the first camp is Gili Cino, in the middle of the road you will see the water source that flows from the mountain, it is really refreshing.
After passing some basecamps, finally you will arrive to the top of the mountain. This mountain has 4 tops: Makam, Puncak Jiwa, Puncak Andong and Alap-alap. For your information, there is no camping ground in the area, but you can build your tent around the Puncak Jiwa.

Hike and enjoy the Andong Mountain, and don’t forget to make great memory of your hiking moment. For having a great experience during your trip in this Andong Mountain, best time to go hiking is on the dry season. Because when the rain season comes, it will be hard for you to reach the top of the mountain.

How to get there:
You can reach this beautiful yet intriguing mountain from three directions. For those who are coming from south (Magelang, Yogyakarta, Purworejo, and around those), starting from Tidar Bus Station you can go right heading to Ngablak market. You have to go straight and then turn left to the first gate to Grabag. When you are passing the football field, it means you are in the right path. Go for about 2 km and you will find the intersection, then do turn left and follow the road till you find Girirejo 2 elementary school. When you are arriving at Sawit village, you can start your hiking.

For those who are coming from north (Semarang, Ungaran, Salatiga, Solo, Boyolali), you can start from Semarang-Solo street at Pasar Sapi Salatiga. Then you have to follow the road which heads to Magelang (Salatiga-Kopeng street) till you find Ngablak market. As the previous explanation, you can follow the path from Ngablak.

From the west direction (Grabag, Secang, Temanggung, Parakan, Wonosobo), start your trip from Secang bus station or Simpang 3. From Simpang 3, you have to follow the road till you find Krincing intersection. That is the first intersection from traffic light which head to Semarang. After that, turn right to Krincing intersection and head to Grabag market. From there, go straight to Mangli (Bumi Perkemahan Mangli) and you will pass two villages namely Mantran Wetan and Mantran Kulon. Reaching the Girirejo 2 elementary school and then turn left, you will arrive at Sawit village. Then, go start your hiking

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