Beautiful Punthuk Kendil and Its Wooden House

Kind of a fairy tale which comes true when you visit this hill. The fresh green view and a wooden small house will remind you to one of the stories from the princess of Disney Channel. This beautiful hill which is as beautiful as other hills around Magelang and Borobudur temple is called Punthuk Kendil. As the new tourist destination, the people around are eager to introduce and promote this site to the tourists. Hence, it makes the visitors keep raising year per year.

As other hills, the sunrise and the sunset spot becomes the best attraction you can obtain from this Punthuk Kendil. The existence of a wooden house which is built in this hill also turns to be another uniqueness of Punthuk Kendil. It actually ain’t a big house, yet its presence at the top of the hill has a quite significant contribution to attract the visitors.

For everyone who decides to spend their weekend near Borobudur temple, this hill will be the right place to choose. Here, the visitors can enjoy the stunning sunrise and see the top of the Borobudur in different vibe. Opened at the beginning of 2015, this hill just become the most wanted place to visit each year.

This hill has main three big trees, from these trees you can see all of the beauty scenery of Magelang. As the beauty has been well-spread, many photographers come to Punthuk Kendil in order to witness its beauty with their camera lens. Unlike today, back in time this hill was only an empty hill which no one knew that it hides a good potential as a tourist destination. It stayed like that till one man had an idea to function its potential and now it becomes one of the recommended place to visit during your holiday to Borobudur temple.

Since then, the local people keep establishing and renovate the hill to be worthy visited. The access to reach this hill is easy and some facilities are already there to facilitate the visitors. Toilet, large parking area, and some food stalls have already been built there. Thus you do not need to worry and you will be able to be impressed by the impressive either sunrise and sunset. The decision is yours.

How to get there:
This hill is already well settled, then you can reach the hill without any difficulties. From Borobudur temple, you can take motorbike or private car to reach the hill and take the roud beside Manohara Hotel. Do follow the route till you find an intersection and you have to turn right. Go straight and please pay attention the right side which show you Bukit Rema and Gereja Ayam. There, there is another intersection and you have to turn left following the uphill road and you can find many directions to direct you Punthuk Kendil. From the park area, you just only need 2 minutes to walk.

Best time to go:
At the dry and summer season will be your best time to go, because, the hill will be so slippery when it rains. So, prepare yourself to get the hill while the dry season is coming. It will be highly recommended if you come by the time the weekday start due to the amount of the visitors.

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