The Woody Umbrella of Punthuk Mongkrong

Boring for the normal hill to witness the sunrise and sunset? Try to visit the new hill named Punthuk Mongkrong hill that has really breathtaking view from others, the hill has a corner place as a woody terrace, including the umbrella terrace. The umbrella of Punthuk Mongkrong is usually used as a shelter. For everyone who join to go up to the Punthuk Mongkrong can use this place to enjoy the panorama.

The top of Punthuk Mongkrong is identified by the tomb or stone that written with BG SITE 212 Punthuk Mongkrong. Comparing to other hills, Punthuk Mongkrong is the highest top of the hill in Magelang area. For everyone who loves hiking, this hill will be the preferred hill to hike. The area is easy to reach and has a stable land. The top of the Punthuk Mongkrong hill offers one of the best view across the Magelang regency. On a sunny day, you can see Borobudur and the beautiful panorama of Magelang. During summer, you will find another view from the forest with its beautiful yellowish and green falling leaves. Therefore, summer would be the best moment for you to visit this site.

Take place at Magelang regency which is part of Central Java province, it hides many beautiful places. Besides the beauty of Borobudur, Punthuk Mongkrong is the best one. Puthuk Mongkrong is located on 624 meters above the sea level. That is the reason we can clearly see the landscape of Borobudur and other mountains that surround Central Java. Up from the top of the hill, you can enjoy the sunrise and the sunset. One of the favorite spots is the woody bridge that similar to the V alphabet. From the V terrace, you can take your beloved picture or just taking a selfie, but this V woody terrace is only available for two people due to the weight issue.

As the history said, the name of the Punthuk Mongkrong is based on the named of the hill which the land before was so unfertilized, and the Mawur itself means as a unsolid land. That’s why local people called that hill as a Punthuk Mongkrong. Every morning or every night, people come to see the sunrise and the sunset. Do come here at 5 am for the sunrise view and 5 pm in preparing to witness the stunning sunset. There are some facilities such as ‘warung’ (small food stall), mosque, and lavatories. Again, this hill will be best suitable for the beginner hiker that want to experience an easy yet impressive hiking.

Not far from Borobudur, this hill is exactly near from beautiful villages that is set to be a tourist destination. One which is near this Punthuk Mongkrong is Giritenaga village. Its local people are having the main job as a seller. They have one small market that sells a delicious original honey and many more original product from the village.

How to get there:
To go to the Punthuk Mongkrong hill, is totally easy to reach. The road along the street is well maintained. But if you want to go by the car, you should park your car to the parking gate, because the road that go directly to the Punthuk Mongkrong complex is not really fit with the transportation. So, the car wouldn’t be able to come in.

You can take your first trip from Badrawati road, go straight till you find the street Seganan in Tuksongo village. Then you can go right and continue going straight, till you find the center of the Karanganyar village. From there, you can take ‘ojek’ or ask the local people to get you in the Punthuk Mongkrong.

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