Discover the hidden paradise of Punthuk Sukmojoyo

Like other finest examples of Magelang nature, this hidden paradise is totally the new heaven to explore. If you love exploring new place and new adventure, you ought to go to the Punthuk Sukmojoyo. Located near Borobudur temple, this hill has one special characteristic, it has one board to stand up from the tree. Indeed, this place will be so lovely place to visit specially for the one who love photography. You will get any perfect angle to take the beautiful scenery. When it comes to the sunset, there will be no doubt about its beauty.

Explaining about the name, Punthuk means a down land, which mean unfertilized land. Punthuk Sukmojoyo peak is the highest peak among the attracted hills around the Borobudur Temple, marked by a stone monument inscribed "Punthuk Sukmojoyo". The peak area is quite narrow and surrounded by canyons along with benches that enable you to sit or just to take a break from the hiking, a tree house, and self photo spot on the cliff.

Located on the high area, Punthuk Sukmojoyo will always be the perfect place to enjoy the scenery around Magelang regency. Mount Merapi, Mount Merbabu, and a series of Menoreh Mountains can be clearly seen from this spot. From the hill, the visitors can also see the Borobudur and Chicken Church which is the heart of tourist in Borobudur. Moreover, the other beautiful hills around Magelang can also be seen from here.

The name of Punthuk Sukmojoyo was taken from the name of the religious leader in Magelang. Gus Galih, or well-known as Sukmojoyo, who is the part of the family member from Kyai RM. Muhammad Soleh who is a professor of Pangeran Diponegoro. Thousand years ago, the grave wasn’t located at the same place but still in the area of ?? Borobudur and it was moved by Gus Galih Sukmojoyo to this hill. Gus Galih moved the grave of his ancestors due to his dream about Muhammad Soleh who requested to Gus Galih to be able to be moved to the grave in this hill. So that’s why the hill was named as Punthuk or Sukmojoyo hill. The SUKMO means as soul or spirit, and Joyo means victorious.

According to the Indonesia tourism, this hill has a huge potential as a tourist destination. The visitors need to hike approximately 30 minutes to reach the peak. To hike the hill, you need an extra property, such as flashlight, jacket, and the gloves. Similar to other hills, this hill is already well-facilitated with the warung (mini shop) so that you do not need to be afraid to recharge your energy with food. Not only the mini shop, but also a cozy terrace which can be used to drink and to enjoy your beverages.

The nuance of the sunset and sunrise up the hill, will be surprising you. Mixing with the beautiful scenery, the nuance will make you want to come back and stay longer at the hill. Sunrise and sunset will be more attractive because those are exactly the perfect match by the grandeur of Borobudur, Punthuk Sukmojoyo, Merbabu, Mount Merapi and Menoreh Mountains.

In addition, this will be high recommended for everyone who loves hiking, picnic, or beautiful panorama. Find the beauty of Magelang regency while enjoying the fresh nature of Punthuk Sukmojoyo hill.

How to get there:
To reach the hill, you can take private motor bike or car. For your information, there is no public transportation. So first you have to go to Badrawati street, until you find the center village office of Karanganyar. After that you can turn left and you will find the village office Giri Tengah. Then you can turn right. Afterwards do follow the route and keep going straight till you pass the high lane and find the small street named Bercor street. At the final route, you will find big words mark as Wisata Alam Punthuk Sukmojoyo.

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